The near capacity audience was led into another world by this trio of virtuoso musicians, and their special guest artist Vinícius BarrosAdewale and Barros both Brazilian percussionists of extraordinary diversity, Carlos Malta, a leading Brazilian composer, on a range of wind instruments from bass flute to treble saxophone, and Warren an absolute wizard on the piano.  It was not only the sheer vibrant rhythm in some of the pieces but also the revealing of sounds in the Brazilian forests.  These were delicate, almost tentative, mysterious and imbued with a kind of gentle respect for the diversity of life, with all sorts of objects blown through or tapped or shaken with Malta gently playing some slender decorated wind instrument, sometimes against what he had pre-recorded.

For one piece, Malta was alone on the stage inviting the audience by occasional sweeps of an arm to accompany his quiet, evocatively simple and bewitching playing with sounds as we would individually identify with wind rising and falling amongst high trees. Magical.

The evening was full of a kind of beauty and inner reflection made possible by the different qualities of these artists, both singly and when playing in a group.  They were men who shared a love for the transforming power of music in its widest sense.  Another amazing WMC experience.