We hear from Ursula Hazel, resident at Archers Court and an attendee at a Celebrating Age Wiltshire event!

"On 12th July, Salisbury was lucky enough to provide the venue for the Mary Lou event in the grounds of Arundells which sits between the Cathedral and the river. The huge summer marquee and glorious summer warmth were ready to welcome us to this idyllic spot. The managers and the water carriers played their parts too, and the ambience was relaxed and joyful.

As soon as the band struck up, the two entertainers sang in glorious harmony, always moving swiftly from one act to another, dazzling us with many changes of costume.

It was quite a shock to hear the opening line of the first act: "There may be trouble ahead" but in no time at all we were all tapping our toes, clapping and hearing of moonlight, love and romance singing, "Let's face the music and dance".  After tea and cakes from the Pantry Partnership, we left with a whole range of emotions while inside we were still dancing. Thank you, from a very grateful crowd.!

- Ursula Hazel, resident at Archers Court