Lewis Whatley, who was at Wiltshire Music Centre as our Creative Learning Administration Assistant Kickstarter, composed Mountains From Molehills as part of his university course. Enjoy the piece in a video below and read more about it from Lewis himself.

"I started this piece in 2020 as part of my Music Theory and Analysis class at University, but for various reasons I didn't get to finish it.

A few months after the academic year ended, I got back on to my old theory teacher to ask if I could have my piece performed at this year's soirée, a kind of leaver's event that had been cancelled for my year group the previous year due to the lockdowns. He accepted, so I got to work finishing it, and this was the final result as it was performed at the soirée!

The name come from the saying "to make a mountain out of a molehill", or to exaggerate or to assume the worst possible outcome - the latter of which I found myself doing a lot in my final year of university. I hope you get as much out of listening to it as I did from composing it!"


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