Last week, two of our staff members, Ryan and Sara, joined the group CLuB (Clean Up Bradford on Avon) to help weed and tidy around the bridge area of the town. The group, which was started in April by Derrick Hunt and his wife Lesley, aims to help restore civic pride in this beautiful town by mobilising its residents to clean and clear up their own local area around their houses and places they visit, as well as running weekly clean-up sessions around different areas of the town.

As part of a wider effort by various local groups in the town, supported generously by the Town Council, CLuB uses volunteer time to weed, paint, scrub and buff a different area each week with the goal of restoring bridges, buildings, pavements and gutters and encouraging green practices across the area.

One of our key 20th Anniversary aims here at Wiltshire Music Centre is to raise money to support our green practices and to become more eco-friendly, including upgrading our lighting systems to LED lights and improving our recycling. We also have our own volunteer gardening club, which helps to keep our own patch spick and span, so we love the idea of helping to keep our lovely town shiny and clean. Follow the link to find out more about our 20th Anniversary aims, or find out how you can volunteer here at Wiltshire Music Centre.

Thanks to Derrick and the other lovely volunteers for their welcome yesterday, and we can’t wait to help out again!