Our Creative Learning programme is designed to provide amazing opportunities for participants of all ages to experience the joys of music making. In June 2019, WMC hosted Big Family Music Day, a day designed to provide participants with their first experience of playing instruments and performing as groups. The day culminated in a colourful mass performance of 'We Are The Champions', featuring 60 new players and hundreds singing from the auditorium seats.

Rachel was a member of the Big Family Music Day Orchestra, performing on the stage for the first time. We caught up with her mother Rebecca, who told us about Rachel's musical journey since that day...

"As a family we all really enjoyed last year’s Big Family Music Day. We tried lots of instruments and workshops, and half expected that Rachel would take to the drums, she’s an outgoing girl! But after trying various instruments she took to the euphonium.

A couple of days after the event, it was clear Rachel was still keen to learn properly. We found her a teacher and she carried on learning. Rachel started at her Midsummer Norton and Radstock Silver Band Brass Academy in July, and really enjoyed learning and playing the Barritone horn in the band. She’s keen to progress to euphonium when she’s a bit bigger."

"We came to see the Cory Band at the WMC in February and thoroughly enjoyed it, and have loved their lockdown performances, we are looking forward to being able to come back again in the future.”

Listen to Rachel play 'Where Is Love?' from Oliver

Rachel (Big Family Music Day) - Where Is Love? Lionel Bart

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