This summer we’ve been reducing our carbon footprint by undertaking a comprehensive lighting upgrade across the Wiltshire Music Centre building…

Before August, the stage lighting system at Wiltshire Music Centre for the most part dated from 1998 when our building first opened its doors to the public. As part of our 20th Anniversary Appeal, it was agreed that one of our aims should be to fundraise for a new LED lighting scheme to reduce our energy costs and carbon footprint by 90% for a greener and more sustainable future. The aim was to chase the elusive energy efficiency rating from a low B to low A rating changing the lighting back stage and front of house to brand new LEDs.

Our Stage Technician, Dan Thomason worked closely with Beth Thomas our Project Manager to research and propose a new plan of action, to achieve the energy savings mentioned above, improve the stage lighting to meet recommended lux levels for orchestral players but also enable the Centre to improve the customer experience and increase the capability of the Centre to cater for a wider range of productions.

 After many months of hard work, by WMC staff and with Enlightened, the Bristol-based company who carried out the upgrade over the course of the first two weeks of August, our new LED lighting has finally been installed. We now have a brand-new suite of LED lights ranging from standard wash lighting, to additional lighting bars at the back of the auditorium, as well as lights that are able to tilt, pan, colour mix and zoom which will allow our technicians incredible flexibility when designing eye-catching lighting plans and will help to elevate performances to a new level. Plus, we now have a disco ball! We are very excited for everyone to see our new lights throughout the new season and beyond and we hope it will only increase our audience enjoyment for the future. 

Fundraising continues for this major project, which is being made possible through the support of our many sponsors and supporters, including Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon, the M&S Energy Fund, the Doric Group and the Friends of Wiltshire Music Centre. Please help to support the lighting transformation, as part of our 20th Anniversary Appeal. You can donate online or call our Box Office to make your gift over the phone on 01225 860100. Thank you!