Ahead of his performance with Gwilym Simcock at Wiltshire Music Centre on Friday 10th June, we caught up with violinist Thomas Gould...

How did you decide on the programme for the concert?
For our last duo collaboration, Gwil and I devised a programme around two of J.S.Bach’s sonatas for violin and keyboard. Bach was an obvious choice as he is often credited with being the founding father of jazz. We needed a new challenge this time around and settled on two of Corelli’s sonatas as our starting point as his harmonic language and daringly ornate decorations explicitly share much in common with jazz. 

Which piece are you most excited to perform & why?
Corelli’s final and most famous violin sonata, which includes a set of variations on a theme called ‘La Follia’, and with which we’ll finish our concert. The performance of this piece is really the most experimental element in the concert: where we get to mix one part of Corelli with two parts of jazz and improvising skills and see where it takes us. 

What do you like about performing at Wiltshire Music Centre?
Great venue, great acoustics, run by musicians. 

How did you get involved in performing music?
It was just a natural extension of doing a lot of music as a kid, going to music college, and then continuing into the profession 

Who is your favourite musician & why?
Currently I’d say Norwegian saxophonist and composer Marius Neset. I’ve bought every one of the albums he’s made (I played on one of them which was a massive honour) and consider him to be a modern day musical genius. A nice guy too!

Thomas Gould performs with Gwilym Simcock both live (and online with WMC Digital) on Friday 10th June