One of our regular patrons - Antony Corfe -  reviews the concert on 3 FEB, 2018.


Well!  Joanna MacGreggor in a guise far flung from the Goldberg Variations.  With Brendel cello and Adewale percussion, she revelled in joyful virtuosity through the syncopations of Brazilian and Argentinian classical jazz, with due reverence of course to Piazzolla.  We saw her crashing through labyrinths of impossible rhythms, and forests of densely packed notes, smiling to herself, swaying and sometimes humming – or so it seemed.

But there was more in this astonishing concert.  Brazilian born Adewale playing a delicately orchestrated solo on a tambourine, of his own composition.  A duet with cello, played as some monstrous guitar, and an African one-stringed instrument.  Here the string was fastened to the top and toe of a springy cane about a metre long, with an open gourd nearly at its foot to provide resonance when the string was struck with a light wand.  A quieter, more beguiling and contemplative piece of Adewale’s you could hardly imagine.

Music, Adewale told us, could be fashioned out of any sound – even the rain, as so wondrously demonstrated in their first piece.  Here were three consummate musicians and close friends, with their love of creation and music-making being conveyed one hundred-fold.


-Review kindly supplied by Antony Corfe.