The work we do at Wiltshire Music Centre wouldn't be possible without the generous support from our sponsors. Did you know that the income we receive from tickets and events only covers half of what we need to run the Centre and all of our artistic and learning programmes? Each month we'll be highlighting one of our sponsors to find out more about what they do. This month, we spoke to Anna from co-working space and café Cassia.  

What is Cassia and what do you do? 

Cassia is a co-working café on Bath Riverside, and we’re about to open a second Cassia in Bradford on Avon!  They’re places where you can work, socialise, or attend events
Why did you want to sponsor WMC? 

I used to play bassoon in my local youth orchestra and I know the amazing impact music can have on young people, as well as the great work WMC does in this area
What’s your favourite piece of classical music and why?  

Probably Mahler’s second symphony because we took it on tour to South Africa. Playing it in Cape Town and Johannesburg are experiences I will never forget.