The work we do at WMC wouldn't be possible without the generous support from our sponsors: The income we receive from tickets only covers half of what we need to run the Centre. Below, we speak to Jon from WMC Official Sponsor, The Piano Shop Bath. 

What is The Piano Shop Bath and what do you do?

We are all things piano related, spanning three interconnected buildings on two levels. We have an extensive range of pianos on display, and  rebuild, repair and restore pianos of all shapes and sizes to fit a multitude of special requests. From piano hire for concerts to tuning and storage, no brief is too ambitious for our team. We have a creative team and have built pianos for well known musicians. We set high standards for restoration, ensuring that we retain the integrity of each instrument.

Why do you sponsor WMC?

We want people to be inspired and engaged with music, so it’s important to us that we support the great work WMC does in this area. In this current climate we, we all need to support and promote live performance and making it accessible to all.

What about WMC appeals to you and you think resonates with your customer base?

There’s natural linkage with our customers attending concerts to see and hear world-class and local musicians at WMC; to see them perform in such a great setting is a wonderful opportunity for our local community.

What would you like WMC followers to know about The Piano Shop Bath?

We are here for all your piano requirements, whether that is for a simple tuning, a tricky removal or to purchase a piano, call us as we are here to help you best we can.