Sponsorship plays a vital role in underpinning WMC's artistic, creative learning and community engagement programmes, which support the wellbeing of over 65,000 people across Wiltshire and beyond every year. 

Steers McGillan Eves Design have been supporting WMC for over a decade and are the masterminds behind everything from our season brochures and annual reviews to the new safety information symbols and signage up around the building.

We caught up with Design Director, Richard McGillan to find out what makes this partnership so special.



WMC and Steers McGillan Eves have collaborated on lots of different design projects over the past 13 years, what does the relationship mean to you?

We really enjoy the open collaborative process of the work we do for WMC. There is mutual trust that we are all striving towards the same goal – to effectively promote the excellence of the Centre. We thrive on building long-term relationships with clients. It is so important. Working together for longer ensures brands evolve so they continue to captivate and stay responsive. And it makes our job much more enjoyable!


What made you want to support the Centre as a sponsor?

It is more important than ever to support the things that are important in life. WMC is a community hub that celebrates diversity, creativity and learning through music. It is nationally respected and locally treasured. It is vital that such beacons of excellence survive and thrive through the current climate.


What are some of the key features of Wiltshire Music Centre from designs across the years?

Our work for WMC has evolved over the years, but is always engaging, accessible and modern. It aims to both change and consolidate the meaning of music, and break down barriers to both old and new audiences. 


What kind of design projects do you love to work on?

We love to work on projects that inspire audiences to believe in, engage with, visit, or support: cultural destinations; charities & trusts; and well-being organisations. We like doing good work for good people and great places. To be involved with the process of changing and enriching lives is very rewarding.


How has your work changed in recent months and what have been some of the challenges you have faced as a design agency?

Many of our clients depend on visitors for survival, so we have been busy helping destinations repurpose, and widen their offering, to ensure continued support from their audiences. We had to restructure our workforce, but we have become more flexible and organised as an employer. We are conscious that we need to be even more efficient, effective and affordable.


What would you say is a hallmark of designs by Steers McGillan Eves?

Our aim is to inspire audiences to believe in, engage with, visit, or support: historical and cultural destinations; third sector organisations; and other good causes. Our designs are timeless, purposeful, well-considered and get results.  

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