We’re taking a look at how our team members are coping with working from home, and the music that keeps them going…

First up, Adam Laughton, our Creative Learning and Development Assistant: 

Q: Tell us a bit about you!
A: I’m a part of the Creative Learning and Development teams at WMC. I’ve been involved in music as a student, performer and facilitator for as long as I can remember. Away from WMC, I tend to be found in a pub somewhere in Bath or Bristol, complaining about sport and politics. 

Q: How are you finding working from home so far?
A: Once I’d got over the temptation of crawling straight back into bed, I’ve found working in a new space to be pretty liberating, especially when the sun’s streaming through the window. Recently, I’ve been blown away by the quality and creativity of content I’ve seen produced by artists during this difficult period – every YouTube video, online lesson and livestream testify to the fact you can never keep a good musician quiet.  


I’ve taught myself the ocarina and now moving on to the clarinet!
Adam Laughton, Creative Learning Development Assistant


Q. Have you any tips or tricks to share with people? 
A. I’ve tried to find new challenges to keep me energised when I’m struggling to work. I’ve taught myself the ocarina and now moving onto the clarinet – I’m aiming to have a one-man band sorted by the end of this!

Q. Any music recommendations for home working? 
A. Punchy, sunny tunes are keeping me going at the moment – Easy Life, Jorja Smith, Catfish and the Bottlemen. I’ve recently rediscovered the incredible music of Fatoumata Diawara – ‘Fatou’ is a super album if you fancy a chill.