We are pleased to announce that Tasmin Little will return to WMC on 4 October for a farewell performance, ahead of her retirement from the concert platform. Tickets on sale summer 2020 – priority booking will apply for 8 April ticket-holders. Save the date!

This will be WMC’s third attempt to present the violin virtuoso’s glittering final concert programme. In conversation with Tasmin about this greatly anticipated performance, she shared with us these thoughts…

What piece are you most looking forward to performing again when your tour recommences? There are many beautiful pieces I’m looking forward to… in recital, one of my favourite pieces to play is Brahms D minor sonata, but I’m also excited to play the piece that John Lenehan wrote, based around the beautiful themes from Swan Lake. We created a 10-minute virtuoso extravaganza called Tchaikovskiana - audiences really enjoy it - and so do we!

Why is Wiltshire Music Centre a special venue to you? I have greatly enjoyed playing for the audience at Wiltshire - they have always been warm and attentive, and I’m so glad that I will be able to return there one more time before I hang up my gowns at the end of the year. 

What will you miss most when you retire from the concert platform at the end of the year? I will miss interacting with my audiences - and their laughter at my attempts at jokes when I give my spoken introductions!! I’ll also miss putting together programmes with my pianists. We always enjoy our rehearsal time together, catching up on news and creating beautiful performances together. 

How do you stay focussed whilst practising at home? I have always been able to focus on practice, because I feel it’s most important to solve problems, not accumulate hours. I never practice more than is necessary and, once my work is done, I put away my violin. 

You’re currently offering online tuition for amateur and professional players. What do you love most about teaching? I love seeing people’s progress - I find it very rewarding and exciting! And I love the look of satisfaction on the student’s face when they solve a problem that they couldn’t tackle before.  I like to empower people so that they can learn by themselves - that is ultimately the teacher’s job. To give the student the tools to do it all by themselves in the future.

For more information on tour dates and teaching, visit Tasmin's website.