Read on to discover more about the recent New Year's Day concert by the West of England Youth Orchestra, who had a licence to thrill with a James Bond spectacular...

A joyous standing ovation for this wonderful orchestra, conducted as ever by Timothy Redmond and, for a few pieces, by a one-time orchestra member Katherine Stonham. An evening of film music, much of which centred on the James Bond signature - that recurring penetrating theme that we all know, with wonderfully precise and insistent offbeat drumming that added to the feeling of being led into danger and high drama. Vocals too, from John Barry’s ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Diamonds are Forever’, and other classics, sung with charm and flowing energy by Emily Apps.  An engaging performer with an impressive musical and academic background and round-the-world experience.

Featured too was Richard Rodney Bennett’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ music. I understand that he has actually performed in the Wiltshire Music Centre. And there was also Adele Adkins/Paul Epworth’s ‘Skyfall’, and Ron Goodwin’s ‘633 Squadron’.

Yes, the evening was a show case of splendid music, but also of an orchestra of exuberant and incredible young talent and gut-wrenching freshness, and one with which Timothy Redmond has worked for several years inspiring an astonishing understanding of line, tempo and substance.  Little wonder the standing ovation.


Review kindly supplied by Antony Corfe