We've won! Wiltshire Music Centre comes top in the West in the M&S Energy Fund for new LED lighting

We are delighted to announce that we have won the M&S Energy Fund to receive £12,000 to upgrade our auditorium lighting to LEDs. We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who voted for us in the competition (all 1,964 of you!) to secure Wiltshire Music Centre in first place.

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations in 2018, we will be using the grant to begin upgrading the main lighting in our concert hall which is used by thousands of professional musicians, children and community groups every year. The upgrade will see us reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs by 90%, and move a step closer to improving our current energy rating from a ‘B’ to an ‘A’.

We are also delighted to have received a significant donation of £10,700 from the Doric Group and Ashford Homes to help us launch the LED upgrade which is set to cost over £40,000. If you would like to support us in reaching our goal, please help us by donating to our 20th Anniversary Appeal.

We are absolutely thrilled to have won the M&S Energy Fund which will enable to us to start installing LED lighting in our auditorium and reduce our carbon footprint. This is brilliant news for the Centre as we begin our 20th Anniversary celebrations. We are very grateful to everyone that voted for us during the campaign, and we look forward to dedicating the money we used to spend on electricity and bulbs to amazing music-making activities, such as our Zone Club for young adults with learning difficulties, our community My Science Fair, county Youth Orchestras and other live music projects that help to inspire, enrich and transform people’s lives. Thank you!
Maud Saint-Sardos, Chief Executive