WED 5 MAY 12PM - 1PM
For Key Stages 3 - 5

Featuring Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron and National Youth Folk Ensemble alumni musicians

Join us live from the WMC Auditorium, showcasing English Folk music at its best with an interactive performance from renowned folk musicians Sam Sweeney (fiddle) and Rob Harbron (concertina), and National Youth Folk Ensemble alumni, Cori Smith (viola), Louis Campbell (guitar) and Martin Parker (accordion). In partnership with the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

This bespoke, inclusive one-hour session is suitable for Key Stage 3 to 5. With a focus on active listening, it will benefit GCSE and ‘A’ level students learning to understand and respond to wider or unfamiliar music genres.

Folk music is learned by ear, each playing of a tune shaped by personal interpretation and improvisation. Musicians will introduce each tune from the stage, identifying different elements for students to listen out for – e.g. structure, use of harmony and texture, rhythm and historical context – and schools will be asked to feedback and answer questions using the YouTube chat function.

Cost: £25 inclusive of VAT per school

Additional workshops

Summer term school visits

Limited half day school visits are available for the Summer Term 2021.  Included within the morning or afternoon visit will be a performance and workshop, both approximately 40 minutes, which will be planned in collaboration with you, reaching the students who will benefit the most.

Cost: £75 inclusive of VAT per school

Sign Up

To sign up to the livestream event, or school visit, please contact Cassie Tait,