Committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment

The Climate Change crisis is a defining issue of our time and requires bold and decisive actions to limit its effects. We recognise that our facilities, activities and the wider music industry which we are part of, impact the environment both globally and locally. For our planet and the future of everyone, we’re committed to working together to reduce our environmental impact where possible, and striving to lead by example within our local and wider community, demonstrating good environmental stewardship.

We’re taking the following steps to become a more sustainable organisation:

Transforming our building

Carbon Reduction Programme: During 2021/22, we began working with the University of Bath and E3 Consulting Engineers to undertake an ambitious sustainability study of our building. Initiated by the requirement to replace our tired boiler, the project will result in a digital 3D model of our premises allowing us to identify air flow and heat loss. This will in turn inform a long-term investment strategy to manage our heat generation and retention as efficiently as possible. In 2021/22 an Environmental Sustainability Fund was established. This will initially fund the sustainability survey and permanent heat source replacement, but in the future, we’re look to grow support for this area of work.

Partnerships and Suppliers

  • We've introduced new crisp supplier, Two Farmers who provide the UK’s only 100% compostable bags.
  • Our brochures are printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable based ink.
  • We've switched to local Frome supplier, Good Energy,  who are 100% renewable.


As staff, we recognise how important our role is in driving change. With a dedicated Environmental Champion, we’re looking to establish in a staff Environmental Team in 2022 to develop our Environmental Action plan addressing audience travel, energy usage and waste.

Additional changes 

  • Reducing single use plastic across the building – we’ve introduced milk glass bottles, and disposable plastic cups have been removed.
  • A paperless ticket option is available for all our events.
  • We're working with our gardening club to increase biodiversity around the outside spaces of the Centre, planting native plants and flowers, and creating spaces for nature.
  • Working with local and national campaigns we're working to achieve Fair Trade and Plastic Free status