Why should we Celebrate Age through arts and heritage?


An overview

To date, the Celebrating Age Wiltshire (CAW) project has touched the lives of over 3000 participants in the county, through the hard work of talented and dedicated local artists.

We have recognised that all that has been learnt through the delivery of the CAW project has the potential to support the participatory arts sector as a whole. 

This development day is for Artists who wish to learn more about the practice of working with Older People and those already working alongside older people who wish to gain skills in utilising the arts in the work. 

The four key aims for the day are:

  1. Exchange of ideas; skills development and skills sharing
  2. Developing artist practice at all levels – e.g. beginners to advanced
  3. Creating a safe space to air the challenges / opportunities of working with older people
  4. Developing informal networks of artists for this work


What are we sharing?

  • Best practice & CAW project in progress.
  • This event also offers an opportunity to discuss the design of the next phase of CAW.  In this way, CAW, from April 2020 onwards, may respond to the work achieved to date and the changing landscape of support for older people.
  • The CAW Evaluator will be in attendance and the learning from this event will add to our research and development period for the future of CAW


Who is it for?

  • Artists who are already working with CAW and in this field
  • Artists who are keen to develop their skills into working with Older People
  • Organisations – already hosting Older People’s activity or those who are keen to learn how/what is needed.


Outcomes expected from this event:

  • Better networked group of artists and organisations in this field and identify those who have the skills that may be shared in future
  • Artist/practitioner skills – identify shortfalls and greater need for this activity
  • Consolidating the offer the partner organisations in the South West can make.
  • Share best practice and results


Elements of the day

Speaker: David Cutler from Baring Foundation, funder of the National Celebrating Age programme

MC for the day: Jonny Fluffypunk, stand up poet

Featuring: Neil Valentine, musician, founder of ABC Concerts and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Associate


Workshops addressing creative ideas and best practice for working with Older People:

  • Museum collections and creative writing/poetry
  • Music and Performance
  • Arts and Crafts/Participatory Arts


  • Lunchtime networking opportunities
  • A chance for introductions between the CAW Arts organisations and Artists attending the day
  • Artists’ input into the future of the CAW project


Panel Discussion

Why should we Celebrate Age through arts and heritage?