An interactive musical adventure

Kathryn Thomas flute
Owen Dennis oboe
Katherine Spencer clarinet
Richard Bayliss horn
Helen Storey bassoon

Many years ago Percy Penguin lived in a lighthouse with the elderly Lighthouse Keeper. He worked hard to keep the big light bright and clean so ships could find their way home safely at night. However, soon things would change and the resourceful little Penguin would need the help of his musical friends…

Join the Galliard Ensemble as they tell this story through words and music, and help Percy and his friends save the ships.

Don't Miss: a 2PM Playshop with Galliard Ensemble! Get in touch with our Box Office to book.

During this performance house lights will remain on, there will be a relaxed attitude to noise and audience members are free to leave and re-enter at any point.

Images by Megan Jennifer Storey (13yrs)

Pure pleasure... wind quintet playing of great distinction
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