Jonathan Cross presenter
Timothy Lines clarinet/percussion
Darragh Morgan violin
Louise Goodwin percussion
West of England Youth Orchestra members various instruments

First half of concert: Presentation by Professor Jonathan Cross featuring musical extracts.

Second half of concert:

REICH Clapping Music for two percussionists
GLASS 1+1 for percussionist and amplified table top
GLASS Knee Play 2 from Einstein on the Beach for solo violin
REICH New York Counterpoint (3rd movement) for amplified clarinet and tape
RILEY In C featuring members of the West of England Youth Orchestra

From experimental beginnings on the east and west coast of America, Minimalism is now a mainstay of contemporary music, with cross connections to film, dance, art and literature. Professor Jonathan Cross introduces this latest London Sinfonietta Turning Points event that explores how the musical movement emerged. His illustrated talk in the first half is followed by performances of works by some of the movement’s most well-known composers and culminates in a special performance of Terry Riley’s In C featuring young musicians from the West of England Youth Orchestra.