BEETHOVEN String Quartet No 3 in D Major Op 18
BEETHOVEN String Quartet No 11 in F Minor Op 95
BEETHOVEN String Quartet No 16 in F Major Op 135

The String Quartet in F Major, Op. 135 is Beethoven’s last string quartet as well as his final complete opus in any genre, and was completed shortly before his death in March 1827. It is the concluding work of one of the greatest cycles of string quartets in history, that began with six dazzling successors to Haydn and Mozart (including Op. 18 No. 3), lead to the middle quartets Op. 59 and Op. 95), and culminated in the transcendent expression of the late quartets.

Unlike these towering sets of quartets, Op. 95 stands alone. It is the last of the middle quartets and sits on the brink of Beethoven’s “late” period, and represents a unique contraction of the form into a concentrated work where everything is stripped to a drastic, but essential minimum.


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