Discover exciting workshops, brilliant performances and incredible demonstrations that explore the links between music and science. This free day-long festival, full of opportunities to learn and play, is perfect for all the family and will excite minds young and old!

Sign-ups for the Project Competition are now closed. Come along on the 8th March to see what our amazing Young Scientists came up with! 

What's going on?


  • Super Sonic Sound Show
    Fun Science, 10.10am
    Make some noise for Chemical Cress' high energy, interactive science show. Have you ever wondered how sounds travel to your ears? Why are some sounds low and others high? Can sound travel in space? Find out all this and more!
  • The DNA of Hearing
    Dinky Amigos, 11.30am
    Join Lisa Mullan on a trip through your body as we discover the DNA responsible for your hearing, build our own ear and look at how sound is transmitted.  
  • 'Weird Science' with Rock The Tots
    Rock The Tots, 12.40pm
    Steph, Craig & Ollie will be performing pop and rock classics by artists such as Diana Ross, Oasis and Blondie. It’s so electric it’ll blow your mind! With puppets, shakers and bubbles, everyone's invited to come along and have a blast!
  • The 'My Science Fair' Symphony
    We want you to write the big finale to My Science Fair 2020! Join us to write the My Science Fair Symphony, featuring everything you've encountered across the day. Bringing together music and science, this show will go out with a bang!
  • My Science Fair Project Competition Prize Giving
    Celebrate the amazing work of primary school children across Wiltshire and Somerset who have taken part in the My Science Fair Project Competition!

Henry Smart

  • LEGO Robotics
    Ministry of Defence, 11.10am / 12.00pm / 12.50pm / 1.40pm
    Explore the exciting world of LEGO Robotics and solve challenges by building fantastic creations!
    Limited places per workshop, register for the sessions on the day at the MSF Sign-Up Station in the Foyer


  • First Contact
    Rising Ape Collective, 11.10am / 12.00pm / 12.50pm / 1.40pm
    Join together as a team with your family and friends and design your own prototype alien communicator! Design and pitch your idea to receive funding and build your communicator and win prizes. A sound and science workshop that's out of this world!
    Limited places per workshop, register for the sessions on the day at the MSF Sign-Up Station in the Foyer


  • Good Vibrations Messy Sound Station
    Fun Science, All day
    Explore pitch with our sound generator and see oobleck dance on a speaker in response to vibrations. Will the oobleck do a waltz to a low sound and start flossing with a high sound? Come and have a go and find out! Messy fun guaranteed. 

​Teaching Room 1

  • Virtual Reality
    All day
    Experience the awesome world of Virtual Reality! Put on the headset and step into new worlds…
  • Lasers and Lightsabers
    University of Bath, All day
    Can you make a lightsaber work? How do we make water glow? Come and explore the world of lasers with scientists from the University of Bath! 

​Teaching Room 2

  • The Fruit Box Orchestra
    University of Bath, All day
    Discover the science behind electric circuits whilst starring in your own musical orchestra in an interactive workshop with the University of Bath. Come play the drums, guitar or piano using just fruit and a laptop!
    Sign up to play in The Fruitbox Orchestra at the My Science Fair Symphony at 1.30pm in the Auditorium at this session 
  • Junk Orchestra
    All day
    Make incredible instruments out of junk! Create a variety of percussion instruments out of everyday rubbish and then perform with them in the My Science Fair Symphony in our big finale. Perfect for younger scientists!
    Sign up to play in the Junk Orchestra at the My Science Fair Symphony at 1.30pm in the Auditorium at this session 

Food and Drink

  • Delicious sweet and savoury crepes provided by Rosie Events
  • Artisan coffee and cakes provided by The Coffee Girl
  • Family-friendly snacks and drinks at the WMC bar