HAYDN Symphony No 45 Hob. I:45 ‘The Farewell’
HAYDN Symphony No 44 Hob I:44 ‘Trauer’

The OAE Experience Ensemble is a hand-picked group of talented young artists who are currently participating in the OAE Experience Scheme – a prestigious development programme for emerging musicians. Inspired by the ‘Father of the Symphony’, this irresistible concert will feature a feast of Haydn symphonies and classical concerti that were written for his very own ensemble at the Esterházy Court where he worked for the majority of his career.

The Farewell symphony has an interesting story behind it: Haydn had been at Prince Esterházy's country retreat for some time, and his musicians wanted to return home. At the end of this symphony the musicians stop playing one by one, leaving just two players!

Trauer is at the heart of Haydn’s Sturm und Drang (storm and stress) period and it certainly lives up to its name. Apparently, Haydn was so fond of the slow movement that he requested it was played at his funeral.

Also, don't miss an exciting pre-concert lecture on Haydn and the Esterházy court in 1770 from Katy Hamilton.

Supported by Young Artists Fund

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