OAE Rising Stars
Steven Devine fortepiano

HAYDN Symphony No 6 in D Major ‘Le Matin’
HAYDN Symphony No 7 in C Major ‘Le Midi’
HAYDN Symphony No 8 in G Major ‘Le Soir’
HAYDN Canzonettas

Haydn was a master at all scales: the architect of great symphonies but also a master of the miniature. The group of works known as Le Matin, Le Midi, Le Soir are a brilliant application of the Italian concerto grosso model in classical form, inspired by the Italian taste for depicting nature in music. The ‘English’ Canzonettas are a story of musical opportunism: a residence with composer and impresario (Salomon), a fine English Broadwood pianoforte in a workshop across the road, and easy access to London salons full of poets and intellectuals. The result is a series of lyric works for pianoforte and vocal accompaniment, with charming melodies that aptly frame words of the moment. Alongside these three remarkable symphonies, the songs complete a lustrous account of Haydn: man for all seasons, complete musician and consummate innovator.

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