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Our building offers a fantastic environment for audio and visual recordings.

The auditorium has a world class acoustic with lowerable sound absorbent banners for a shorter reverb. It is a perfect space to record orchestras, choirs, chamber music or close miked multi-tracking. With in house engineers and Media Studio we can offer complete recordings and films of live concerts.

Previous projects include

  • Livestream of over 60 performances from our auditorium
  • Audio recording Maya Youssef’s album ‘Finding Home
  • Livestreaming the entire of Mozartfest 2020
  • Recordings of concert hirers including orchestas, choirs and schools

“Handsome, and equipped for broadcast”

Fiona Maddocks, Observer

Available facilities and equipment

We can offer anything from room hires to a complete recording package and anything in between

  • Use of auditorium
  • Steinway D
  • Backstage facilities
  • Separate recording studio
  • Engineers for audio mixing and film production
  • 48 channel multitracking
  • 5 PTZ cameras with live mixing
  • Full lighting rig for filming

Contact us

We would be very happy to discuss your requirements. Please get in contact with us:

Tim Walker

Technical Manager


Arianne Fournier-Carey

Operations Manager


Sarah Fleming

Operations Manager