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Spaces for rehearsals and classes

We can provide a range of facilities depending on your requirements, whether that’s free parking or a PA system, pianos or projectors. Get in touch for an informal chat about what you need and we can talk you through our various spaces, facilities and rates. Rates start from as little as £6 an hour excluding VAT. A live recording day with our venue technician is available on request, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and budget.

If you would like to make a booking, write to us as and let us know a bit more about your requirements.

Our Henry Smart and Nestle rooms are suitable rehearsal spaces for bands and small choirs.

Live recording day with venue technician: £200*
*Subject to availability. Please note, these rates do not apply for commercial enterprises.

Nestle Rooms

We have a variety of spaces that are available to hire, whether you're looking for a rehearsal space, a meeting location or somewhere to host arts and crafts or an exercise class.

Capacity 300
Cost £300 per session, some other small print
Size £300 per session, some other small print