Maud Saint-Sardos Chief Executive

James Slater Artistic Director & Deputy Chief Executive

Chloe Edgell Programme & Events Coordinator 
Dan Thomason Technical Manager

Ben Ousby Facilities Coordinator

Cassie Tait Head of Creative Learning & Community Engagement
Kirsten Mulcahy Creative Learning Coordinator 
Adam Laughton Creative Learning & Development Assistant
Rebecca Seymour Celebrating Age Project Coordinator
Karl Bevis Zone Club Strategic Development

Scott O'Hara Head of Development & Communications
Bridget Matthews Senior Fundraising Officer
Ryan West Marketing Coordinator

Max Stanton Box Office Manager and Volunteers Coordinator

Zoe Newing-Moore Finance Manager
Cassie Beiszley-Couchman Bookkeeper & Team Assistant


Box Office Team:
Stephanie Brown, Phoebe Kemp, Thomas Rolfe, Tim Robbins


Concert Manager Team:
Liz Berridge, Lucie Castleman, Sarah Fleming, Gill Fox, Phoebe Kemp, Jacqueline Mitton, Heather Morris, Kirsten Mulcahy, Max Stanton